Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Truth about Friendship

I’ve been thinking a lot these past few weeks, for reasons I care no to relate, about what friendship is, and what it is not.  
So I’m going to give the world my thoughts.

Time does not determine how close two people can be,  best friends or even close friends don’t have to be two people that have known each practically their whole lives. Friendships aren’t determined by equal amounts of money spent on each other, or equal hours spent doing what the other wanted, friendship isn’t keeping score of your rights and their wrongs just waiting to bring it up the next time you argue. It’s not the idea of “oh I came to that thing you wanted me to do like five times and you’ve only come to the things I’ve wanted to do  like once.” 
Friendship isn’t the idea that we have an unequal friendship because I can’t always make it to the things you want to do. 
Friendship doesn’t always mean you’re  talking every day, texting about everything, seeing each constantly, buying each other best friend necklaces, doing everything together, and telling each other everything. 
While most friendships consist of some of these better things like seeing each other constantly, texting each other everything, and buying each other stuff to show affection, that isn't what makes someone a friend. 
In the end your real friends are the people you know you can count on, the ones who’ve seen you at worst and chosen to stay anyway. 
They’re the people who’ll stay up late and text you that it will be okay, you’ll make it through tomorrow. 

They're the ones who maybe you don’t talk to every day or even every week but you still know you can fall back on them when times are rough or you just miss them. 
Friendship is telling the other that you have a issue with the relationship that needs to be resolved, not letting it go unheard and unsaid, harboring bitter feeling against the other until eventually it shatters your friendship.  
Friends know when to give you advice and when to be quiet and give you a hug. 
They’re the people you can just click with, even if you just met them, you feel like you’ve known them longer then you have because you guys already care about each other so much. Friendship is telling them God’s got their back even though they don’t see it. 
It’s trusting them with some of your deepest darkest secrets because you know they’ll be there to help you fight your demons, even if they live in another state or even another country. They do everything they can to let you know you’re loved. 
In any relationship neither person will be giving exactly fifty percent all the time, sometimes it will be less sometimes it will be more, why? Because we’re flawed people and no one can always be perfect in any friendship. 
Friends will realize that the other is human and you will make mistakes and so will they, but that you forgive each other. 
Friendship is being there. Not necessarily physically, because people have limitations, people are busy sometimes and can’t always make it, but emotionally they’re there for you. 
A friend is someone that no matter how long its been since you talked or how far away or close they are to you, they’re going to be there, because they truly care.

It’s not the things we do together that make us friends, we do things together because we are friends. 
Friendship is love, it’s sacrifice, it’s caring about the other, it’s being there for them in whatever capacity you can, phone call or in person, just so they know you’re there. 
It’s trust, encouragement, and understanding.
Not all friendships will be this way, but the closest of friendships should be. 
A friendship framed by the love of Christ...

Let's  all just try and be a little more understanding and loving 

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