Sunday, August 16, 2015

A message to homosexuals from a Christian teenager

My church, for the past three weeks has been doing a study on homosexuality and what the bible has to say to about it (due to the supreme court ruling that legalized gay marriage in all fifty states). It was an amazing study, I learned some facts and verses to back up what I had been saying all along about the subject: “I don’t agree with gay marriage” 
And I would like to stop right there and explain. I do not agree with gay marriage due to my faith and I have biblical knowledge and logical reasons why I believe that gay marriage is condemned in the bible as a sin. But that’s not what I want to focus on right now. 

I want to say something to the homosexuals I have met and will ever meet in the future:
Yes, I am a Christian and I disagree with gay marriage. 
But that does NOT mean that I will not be your friend, that does NOT mean I will talk about your “terrible sinful ways” behind your back, it does NOT mean that I will make fun of or mock you, it does NOT mean I will avoid you, it does NOT mean I can’t love you as my friend,  it does NOT mean that I can't be there for you, and it does NOT mean that every time I see you I will smack you over the head with a bible and tell you you're wrong and you need to change.

What it DOES mean is I will love you like God loves me, I will show you every bit of kindness that Jesus shows me, and I will treat you like I treat the rest of my friends, and I will pray for you. 
I may be against gay marriage but my personal beliefs are not an attack on your happiness. 

Today society seems to think that if you disagree with someone and their beliefs that you can’t love them. That’s wrong. I can disagree with you and still love you just as much as I always have. 
One of my best friends that I’ve known practically my whole life recently told me she was gay. I don’t love her any less than I did before.  

My hope is to put down one of the many Christian stereotypes: that we hate homosexuals because they're sinners and they’re wrong, blah, blah, all that. 
But for a well grounded Christian that follows after the Lord and strives to be more like Him, that’s not the case. And the truth is we're all sinners, but as believers It’s our job to be His example. I know Jesus loves you, why should there be any reason for me to hate and persecute someone who I know the almighty God loves? 

This is just how I feel, and the way I feel like I should approach this topic.
If you have any questions or anything to say at all comment, or email me at and let me know what you’re thinking :)