Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Our masks

We all go about lives, day in and day out. Facing problems, overcoming them and moving on. There are the important people in our lives, family and friends, that we see on a weekly or daily basis. We hang out, we laugh, we make jokes, we have a good time. But behind all the good times and laughs, we face trials and battles. Sometimes it can feel like we're the only one who has to deal with this kind of stuff, we're the only ones that understand what we're going through. 

Well here’s the truth about you and all the people around you: 
Everyone you know is battling somthing that you don’t see on their smiling face when they go out every day, when you see them. 
That smiling girl has an abusive dad, that seemingly worriless guy thinks about sucide almost erery day, that girl is bullied, that boy thinks he’ll never be good enough, the last friend you would expect to have depression, does.....and you never noticed. 
She has anxiety, he feels like no one will ever love him. 
Porn, drugs, popularity, stress, bullying, homosexuality, depression, premarital sex, abuse, death, illness, pain, heartbreak....
We all fight a battle, everyone you meet has a story. One from the past, one from the present, and one for the future. 
Why? Because we live in a fallen, broken world full of sin, hate, and pain. 
We all have the masks we wear, smiles we put forward when all we want to do is cry. 
We don’t tell everyone how our world falls apart, how we feel crushed, how we hate ourselves, how we’re abused, how we feel so beat down. And that’s okay, not everyone will understand the demons we fight or the things we have gone through. 
Look in the mirror, you have one of those stories. Those things, deep secrets, problems, struggles, battles that we keep from almost everyone if not everyone. 
We’re all crushed and broken. 
I know this all sounds really morbid, but you know what? It gets better. 
There is a God that died for you and for me so that if we put our trust in Him all these  terrible things that drag us down will one day go away, and one day we will be with God in heaven. 

So always remeber this: Everyone you know had been hurt, is hurting, or will be hurt. Probably all three, probably multiple times. 
So show some of the love that our God did when He died for us. Just because you're dealing with something doesn't mean you can't help someone else.
Smile at people, make sure they know you care, talk(actually have conversation face to face, don't just text), give them a hug. 
Sit with someone you notice sitting alone. Pray for someone you know is going through a hard time. 
It’s a scary world we should all try and make it a little less that way by being kind, and realizing everyone is going through something hard. 

John 15:12 
 "this is my command, that you love one another as I have loved you."